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A new way to rock your ride

Ride, sprint, and climb on your trainer more like you do in the real world.  The Cykeel patented design gives you a rocker action for your trainer that includes lateral rocking and fore/aft motion.    The side to side rocking movement is centered near the bottom bracket, giving it a stable and natural feel.  With this design you are able to keep your body mass stable while leaning the bike under you.  The images and video below show the prototype built with full functionality of the design.  Furtur design refinements are in progress.

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Benefits of the cykeel patented design

Pyramid of the stones isolated on white

Inherently Stable

  • Inherently stable in center position

  • Provides a gradually increasing push-back with increasing lean

  • Maintain a stable body position while you rock the bike

Low Maintenance

  • Does not need foam, springs, or inflatable things under the plate

  • No tubes or balls to maintain at precise balanced pressure

  • Simple design that just works ride after ride

Three open end wrenches isolated on whit
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Intuitive dynamic cycling motion

  • Lean the bike without swaying your body back and forth

  • Sprint and climb with a familiar motion​​

  • Engages core with lateral motion of bicycle

  • Fore/aft motion responds to power fluxuations and standing

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